Diego Garcia-Olano

A selection of projects, academic, professional and personal, that I've done with a heavy visual component.

Predicting a Politician's Party Affiliation from a Photo using Deep Learning Methods   
Predicting when a Yearbook Photo was Taken using Convolutional Neural Networks
Pitchfork: Are music festival lineups getting worse?   
Data Science For Social Good 2016 Project With Sedesol of Mexico
Glasstire 15th Year Anniversary Texas Art Events  
Glasstire 15th Year Contributors  
Glasstire 15th Year Texas Artists  
Personal Music Visualizations and Interactive Lists    
Turning Album of the Year Lists into a Music Discovery Tool  
Looking at US Presidential Election County Changes from 2012 to 2016      
Blue Islands Project
Identify Blue Counties in America that are surrounded by Red ones, and Predict if a county is a blue island based on just socio-economic and public health data.
Google Results By Country      
Every Foreign Film Ever Nominated for the Oscars  
My Favorite Painter's Colors    

List of Spotify's Clarify Data Stories series articles written by Rob Mitchum for which I contributed data mining and data visualization, 2016.

Groove Is In The Heart
Songs of Summer Jobs '
Immigration Songs:
How Music Crosses American Borders
There Are Three Types of Gun Songs
The Persistent Glass Ceiling of Music
From a Benzo to Student Loans:
Debt Anxiety in Today’s Pop Music
Hot Time, Summer in the City

Visualizations related to my masters thesis project in Barcelona about Texas Politics. Click here for Thesis Presentation Slides

Politician Networks      
Extended Politician Networks      
Topics and Table of Contents      
Media Coverage Maps      
More Media Coverage Results